The Pyramid Mat

Is there something worse than when your food goes to waste by getting stuck or soaked in grease and fluids? Imagine serving your friends and family perfect cooked food without having any issues. With help of these pyramids will the fluid drip away and you can make your cooking on a whole other level.

Don't get stuck

When you place your food on the pyramids you let the air in the oven surround the food even from the underside. With help of the silicone pyramids wont your food go to waste by getting stuck or soaked.

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  • L. Smith


    My wife wanted me to use the Pyramid Mat because I couldn't cook. Now she lets me cook dinner whenever I want. So of course 5 stars rating

  • Patricia


    I just ordered my second so I can do chicken on one and veggies on the other.

  • Carl S


    Perfect for my diet when i want the fat to drip away.

  • John


    WOW. I did my fries in the oven and it turned out just like in the restaurants. Crispy and nice.

  • Catrin


    I never thought my chicken could be this crispy and juicy. I recomend it.

  • Paul T


    It does its job. Healthier food and less food wasted.

  • Benjamin


    It was a little bigger than I thought but I could easily cut it to fit my microwave

  • Jeff

    I like that it's cooked evenly and that it doesn't take much effort to get good food.

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