About Us

We created the Pyramid Mat in late 2019. Our vision is simple, we want everyone to be able to cook food like a real chef with the Pyramid Mat. 
Since the release we have recived a mindblown amount of posetive feedback.

So how does this work?

Thanks to the fact that our product consists of silicone, the food does not stick to the Pyramid Mat. The small pyramids lift up the food from the bottom so that unhealthy fluid and fat easily drips away. That makes it easy to pour out the liquids when you are done with cooking. The space between the food and the bottom let air flow underneath the food, wich makes your food cooked evenly without turning.

We are sure that our Pyramid Mat is going to bring your cooking skills to a whole new level. Be one of the tens of thousands users and take cooking to the next level today!


Please accept the delivery times during this times.

Contact: thepyramidmat@gmail.com